Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We've got ears

It is amazing what can be done with a little glitter and glue. I got inspiration from a fellow crafter on the Disboards. These look nearly identical to the Christmas ornaments you can buy at Walt Disney World. They still need their strings attached to be finished.
Each ornament has the year on the back, and will be gifted to some fellow Disney nuts. They are made with smooth styrafoam balls, gold craft paint, and glitter. Lots of glitter.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Brought to you by the letter R

I will be having some wooly content soon.
was having a sale on their ready to decorate letters this week. I have been wanting to make some sort of initial or name for my little guy's room since before he was born. Finally done!
This is one of the paper maché ones painted with craft paints and a sharpy paint pen. The vehicles were purchased as is and chosen by a certain 2 year old.

Crayon Roll Tut

As requested a tutorial for the crayon roll with or without a notepad. The notepad I used is a scratch pad from Meijers
in the office supplies section. I got the idea after seeing a few nice
crayon rolls around online but, knew I wanted some paper in with it
too. My little guy loves to use this while riding in a shopping cart or