Thursday, October 7, 2010

YooHoo & Friends birthday party

My son recently turned five and wanted a YooHoo & Friends birthday party. Unfortunately, they don't make any party supplies for these cute little stuffed animals so I had to do them myself. I was lucky, however, in the fact that there are tons of images on their web site! I mostly used a cricut expression and sure cuts a lot (SCAL) software to make all the cute little faces and party hats. The piƱata I had to do myself and it turned out mostly looking like my son's favorite animal YooHoo aka Eddy. All my DS's YooHoo's are named Eddy, lol. We have little Eddy, big Eddy, and SmEddy.

Treat bags and party hats for the kids. (and some of the BIG kids.)

Poor Eddy about to get smashed.

The figures were made using marshmallow fondant and some toothpicks for holding on legs and tails. My son was VERY specific about how he wanted his cake. This was modeled after a party image on the YooHoo site.

The party decor was pretty simple but, turned out cute. I just picked four colors to use for everything. Purple, two blues, yellow and green. I made the puffs with tissue paper and tried not to make them too flowery.


SOC 101 -JAN-22 said...
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cOrYnicHaTeE said...

hi! my daughter also wants a yoohoo party, I read that you used cricut expression for the faces, I just bought it a few weeks ago and i just can't seem to find any yoohoo cartridge... so my question is how did you do it?

Crystal said...

I actually used a program and you just hook the computer up to your cricut. You can buy it at craft edge. I almost always use it instead of buying cartridges. If you get it and want my files let me know.

Allison said...

Wow, these decorations are awesome!!! My daughter is turning 4 and wants a "big eyed animal party" as she calls them. Im pretty sure they reproduce at night when we sleep and have taken over our house... Any chance you would want to reproduce the hats and bags or even just the cutouts for some cash???? Seriously. I'm not crafty. Let me know if you are interested! Her party is July 14th. :)